We are a 100% cage-free, kennel-free and leash-free overnight care. Security system with 24 hour response. A member of our family is at the playhouse ALL NIGHT with your fur-baby.

  Your fur-baby can choose from raised beds, padded floor beds, or cooling pads to sleep on.
  Toys, movies and entertainment.
  Beds are limited so reserve early.

If you would like to send an application to our office for your small dog to stay at our facility, please fill out the application completely, read and sign it and fax it back or just email it. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Wee Paws Playhouse is family owned by Dog lovers! We pride ourselves on cleanliness and get great joy from taking care of and loving your pet. They are all God's creatures and we love them as if they were our own!

First time guests are introduced slowly and placed in the "puppy playpen" so as not to be overwhelmed. They get used to all the smells noise and other dogs in safety. When they are ready, they will join the play group.

We strive to know each of our fur-babies personally. We work to know what it is that your dog likes and doesn't like to play with. You will never have to wonder about what your fur-baby did all day. There is always a member of our family in the playhouse at all times, so you will get to hear about their friends and activities throughout the day.


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Because dogs are just kids with fur

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